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Harlingen Cadet History

Harlingen, as an Undergraduate Navigator Training Wing, had as the  primary mission basic observer training. There were two phases: Phase I for Aviation Cadets, and Phase II for Student Officers. The major unit on the base was the 3610th Observer … Continue reading

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Harlingen Base History

Harlingen Army Airfield opened in July 1941 and was used by the United States Army Air Forces (AAF) as a training base during World War II. It was initially assigned to the AAF Gulf Coast Training Center as a flexible … Continue reading

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The Colonel’s Demise

On the wall adjacent to my desk is a frame that contains my Certificate of Aeronautical Rating. It is signed by Colonel Robert B. Collins, who commanded James Connally AFB near Waco, Texas in the late 1950’s. During a vacation … Continue reading

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JC History

James Connally Air Force Base is the home of the 3565th Navigator Training Wing and is under the jurisdiction of Air Training Command. The base has been designated a permanent Air Force installation and although frame construction predominates, many of … Continue reading

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Nav/observer Locator Numbers

James Connally Harlingen & Mather AFB Class Locator Stats: Harlingen (52-02 to 62-22). Connally (52-02 to 66-18), Mather (66-19 to 90-22) As of   01 Feb. 2020: Connally Located…………. 4222 Harlingen Located…………3097 Mather Located ………….. People Deceased:…………. 4970 (Connally/Harlingen/Mather) TOTAL … Continue reading

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