Mather AFB, CA

Mather Air Force Base was the only navigator/bombardier training base in the Air Force in the 1960’s thru the early 1993’s. The base, at the time, was assigned to Air Training Command, and closed around 1993. It is now a Sacramento County Airport with mostly civilian aircraft using the facilities. Cargo aircraft like UPS and others are currently the largest users of the Airport.

The Air Force Base first opened in 1917, during World War l, for early pilot training. During World War ll, Mather was also a large pilot training base, with many of the trained aircrew, sent to the Pacific area of conflict. When I first received orders to Mather A F B in 1971, I was an a aircraft maintenance officer, assigned to the Chief Of Maintenance office. At that time, we had 99 old and obsolete T29 twin propeller engined aircraft used for the navigator training mission.

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