Reunion 2012 – Registration-FOR 2019 Reunion See AFNOA 2019-BRANSON MO

FOR 2019 Reunion see AFNOA 2019 Reunion INFO

2012- REUNION APPLICATION FORM Contact Jim Faulkner.

FOR BASE ENTRY ACCESS: If you do not have a military ID card please advise Jim Faulkner.

Will submit a listing of people who DO NOT HAVE A MILITARY ID CARD attending the reunion to the Security Forces so they can get pre-approval to come onto the military installation for the events.
The following info will be needed at least 20 days prior to the reunion for security verification.

A. Name as SHOWN on drivers license.

B. Drivers License number, and state of issue for the driver, & each passengers.

C. Date of BIRTH (MM/DD/YYYY) for driver and passengers

D. Driver will need insurance verification and vehicle tag info. If driving a RENTAL CAR, will need the rental car agreement.
NOTE: Be sure to use turn signals, SEAT BELTS and speed limit is usually 25 MPH in most areas.

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