Nav Class Facts

  • Info from Bruce Ashcraft (AETC/HO) Randolph AFB, TX on February 24, 2006.
  • The first class to graduate from James Connally Navigator training was 51-19
  • The first class to graduate from Harlingen –unknown
  • The first class to have electronic training at Connally was 64-05.
  • Last UNT Class at Harlingen was 62-22
  • The last class to graduate with aviation (air) cadets at Connally was 65-15 (see photo)
  • Class 65-15

Class 65-15

  • The last class to graduate at Connally was 66-18.
  • Undergraduate Navigator Training was conducted at Mather AFB, CA when James Connally closed. First modern day UNT class at Mather was 66-19
  • Last UNT class at Mather was 93-06
  • First UNT class at Randolph was 93-07
  • Last Class at Randolph was in Fall of 2012– number unknown
  • Training moved to Pensacola NAS FL and conducted there as of today.
  • Navigator Training is now called Combat System Officer (CSO)

Some of the large Classes to graduate at Connally/Harlingen were:
61-05 Harlingen -126
61-04 Harlingen -122
55 D-N-Connally -102
61-03 Harlingen – 100                                                                                                                         64-10 Connally – 82
                                                                                                                            54 X-N Connally -81                                                                                                                           63-10 Connally – 79
                                                                                                                             64-04 Connally – 78

Info provided by Jack Thomas (61-02 Aviation Cadet Class 61-02 at Harlingen):  Class 61-02 was the last class to attend Pre-flight training at Lackland AFB, Texas. After Class 61-02 graduated from Lackland, all further Pre-flight was conducted at Harlingen AFB, TX or James Connolly AFB, TX.

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